Fusion19 gastronómico is a project that combines a physical part of knowledge and the wisdom, experiences and sensitivity of the team that composes it.

Committed to our environment, origin and memory, we invite you to travel through the authenticity of local produce, with a clear commitment to sustainability.

At Fusion19 we want to highlight the island's producers and craftsmanship, combining our own local roots with influences from Asian and Latin American cuisine.

Respect for the products of our island, Mallorca, together with the combination of the concepts of memory and influences - pillars that mark our gastronomic discourse - have given us the recognition of our first Michelin Star in 2023.


The local product is of paramount importance and marks the gastronomic narrative in the Fusion19 experience.


We truly believe in the essence of our tradition. Therefore, at Fusion19 we offer a tasting menu that evokes memories of the past…


At Fusion19 we propose a journey through Mediterranean, Asian and Latin American cuisine, combining our origins with the expertise and life experiences acquired by chef Javier Hoebeeck.


Where fusion is the main protagonist, combining Mediterranean, Asian and Latin American cuisine, always based on the products of our island.


The Fusion19 experience goes beyond its tasting menu…

Respect for the product means that seasonality is key in each of the steps of the tasting menu, becoming our guide when it comes to composing it.

Aware that to achieve the highest quality product requires careful work, with love throughout the sowing and in the ripening and harvesting, at Fusion19 we only work with small local producers.

A tasting menu that pays tribute to Mallorcan tradition and culture, with Mediterranean, Asian and Latin American influences, but with a single protagonist in the discourse: the local produce.

At Fusion19 we offer a tasting menu that evokes memories of the past, awakening the most sensory and sentimental part of each diner, and the memory is present in each creation of the menu as well as in the crockery, presentation and service details that accompany it.

The tasting menu at Fusion19 tries to go back in time so as not to forget and to highlight what defines the island's gastronomic culture.

Chef Hoebeeck's eagerness to discover new places and nourish himself with their richness and techniques means that these are present in each culinary creation.

A mise-en-scène clearly influenced by the chef's professional and personal experiences during his various stays in renowned national and international kitchens. Influences submerged in the tasting menu that come to light through the techniques, products and presentation of the menu.

Under the pillars of Produce, Memory and Influences, we invite diners to enjoy a tasting menu of 5 stages, 13 steps and 34 mouthfuls. Chef Javier Hoebeeck offers a creative gastronomic proposal where he combines his own and local roots, together with acquired expertise and life experiences.

Un menú, que, a través de sus 117 elaboraciones, rinde homenaje a la tradición y cultura mallorquina, con el producto de proximidad como base de su discurso. El comensal disfrutará de una experiencia gastronómica memorable a través de un menú en constante fusión y evolución, cuya base fundamental de su cocina es el producto de temporada de la isla.

Our dining room is specially designed to offer a unique, warm and irreplaceable experience.

A welcoming environment, starring the elegant glass cellar that holds great wine treasures, offering more than 300 references selected with soul.

In the same way, the interior garden embraces the room to join hands with this gastronomic proposal that immerses the diner in an exciting culinary journey. From its illuminated entrance, which recreates an old jazz club, especially at dusk, to the napkins embroidered with the F19 insignia, every detail is carefully taken care of so that the customer feels and remembers the Fusion19 experience.

Fusion or Gaikan?